Port of Chania

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Chania, Crete, Greece)

There are two ferry operators providing a regular service between the Athens port of Piraeus and Chania Port at Souda.

Chania Ferries: ANEK Lines

ANEK Lines offers an overnight service between the port of Piraeus and Chania throughout the year; however, services can be disrupted by bad weather during the winter months. Sailings are usually in operation everyday, with a crossing time of around 9 hours.

Several vessels in the ANEK Lines 10 vessel fleet are used on this crossing, all of which provide a comfortable overnight voyage. The Lefka Ori is capable of carrying 1,500 passengers and 1,100 vehicles and comes equipped with comfortable cabins, a choice of restaurants, entertainment areas and even a swimming pool. The Lato, with a capacity of 1,800 passengers and 850 vehicles, also sails this route and it provides the same level of comfort as its sister ship.

Chania Ferries: Hellenic Seaways

Hellenic Seaways provides a high-speed service between Chania and the Athens port of Piraeus on a daily basis, with the crossing taking around 4 hours, 30 minutes. This route is in operation throughout the year, although services can be delayed due to bad weather during the winter season.

Hellenic Seaways operates the largest marine fleet in Greece, with 34 vessels in operation, of which 16 are of the conventional type and 18 are high-speed catamarans. The Piraeus to Chania route is operated by one of the company's high-speed catamarans that has a capacity of up to 1,000 passengers and nearly 200 vehicles. These high-speed vessels have a top speed of around 33 knots and come equipped with comfortable seating, a snack bar and basic shopping facilities.

Chania Port

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