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(Chania, Crete, Greece)

The port of Chania is the principal town on Crete's west coast and the second most populous settlement on the island.

Chania is considered to be Crete's most attractive town, with its beautiful Venetian harbour, 15th century lighthouse and recently redeveloped old buildings all adding to the unique atmosphere.

What to Do in Chania

The town and surrounding area of Chania have plenty to offer visitors, with the town itself well worth taking the time to explore. Take a walk around the winding streets of the old town area and marvel at the mixture of architectural styles. This intriguing mixture gives an insight in to the town's long history of foreign influence. A less energetic but equally rewarding option is to take a seat at one of the cafés near the port and simply watch the world go by.

Tourist Attractions

One of the town's most interesting sights can be found at the harbour entrance; the Maritime Museum of Crete is housed in the 'Firka' fortress and provides a fascinating insight into Crete's considerable maritime history. Museum lovers should also pay a visit to the 16th century Church of St Francis. The church houses the Archaeological Museum of Chania, where visitors can get a glimpse into the lives of the island's earlier inhabitants.

One of Crete's most popular attractions can easily be reached from Chania; the Samaria Gorge cuts a 16-km / 10-mile path through dramatic terrain and provides a beautiful walk between the town of Omalos and the beach at Agia Roumeli. During the summer months, the gorge can become crowded and the heat unbearable, so walkers are advised to set off early and carry plenty of water.

Visitors looking for a quiet beach to relax on should head nine miles north to the small village of Stavros. The beach here was used as the location for the movie 'Zorba the Greek' and has since remained undeveloped. Stavros offers a limited choice of accommodation and restaurants for those planning an overnight stop.

Chania Port

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